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Published on: 02/04/2011

Here the things that I have done last week:

  1. Had a talk with Willem Velthoven and Noor at Mediatic (the developper of the Anymeta on which many memory-sites here in NL run) about my research. There will be a how-to-storytelling/memory site-exhibition there, the end of April, including workshops. Might play a role there. More important: I talked with Willem about designing a dedicated Memory site search engine which has a certain level of knowledge about the stories. This remembered me of the Cybermetrics tools that I described here. It relates to my text mining plans, later in my research.
  2. In the PhD-Lab we had our first meeting with Tom Johnston, here some notes on that meeting.
  3. I worked on improving the use of Inspiration for outlining. I think I succeeded, see my experiences here.
  4. I rewrote my introduction following the advice/feedback of Murray, Tom and Liesbet by applying Inspiration.
  5. I went through my core articles and summaries again to find the main themes (concepts?). I ended up with: cultural citizenship, community development and new literacies (see introduction), but it is hard to keep them apart (which we already predicted). I believe that the concrete claims (a level less abstract than these themes) about the cases are not easily categorized in these three. In other words: I might have to find another way to organize the claims in my literature part, like I did in my earlier introduction version 1 in section D:
    1. “Aspects of (…) are claimed to develop or emerge on an individual level, among the group of participants, within the local collective and on the level of the society as a whole.”
  6. Put the output of the last meeting with Liesbet in this post.
  7. I did not yet make the first sentences and the outline of the literature part of my article. I’m planning to have that on Monday.
  8. A question: should I put the article-posts behind a login, Liesbet?

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  1. Liesbet says:

    ja, zeker je tekst aantekeningen niet openbaar toegankelijk maken, er wordt toch behoorlijk gejat in deze wereld, echt waar.

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