Summary meeting Judith March 5th

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Published on: 14/03/2012

See the input for this meeting here in this post.

  1. Talked about my invitation-text for the meeting with new media teachers. Most important change is that I ask them for help and I don’t offer help.
  2. With respect to my concepts code tree:
    1. This is going ok; keep in mind to distinguish what I think and what others think.
    2. There are two connections possible to develop from:
      1. Something which is well known/described already and can be brought further.
      2. Something which is not described and can be brought further.
    3. I remarked that it can also be both (see also this post):
      1. Neighborhood storytelling is described and researched rigorously with respect to the real life part of it, but not with respect to the on-line part (new media or social media) of it.
      2. Social media is described rigorously, but not with respect to local story websites.
      3. So these two lines fall under the definition of something well known, but they cross each other in an unknown area.
      4. Interestingly in social media most users are also participants (Facebook) and one can infer that in new media (Wikipedia) most users are consumers, according to the definitions I found on Wikipedia (see this post).
  3. The main explicit and implicit questions for my article are in my working document. Also the aims that I have with it for my PhD-project.
  4. It is a bit tricky to both add information to my working document and on my blog (and in my outline), maybe I should just use my blog and consider it to be my working document. The chronology and titles become more important then, so I will start to put comprehensive titles and dates in the title field of the posts, in order to have a good overview from the index of the printed Feedfabrik-pdfs.
  5. I should remember that there are a view ways to look at this phenomenon: that can be the paragraphs in my article/ chapter.

To do:

  1. Finalize invitation; send to Judith for check.
  2. Start organizing the meeting; invite people informally.
  3. Discuss with Elke and Judith what to do about the co-promotorship.
  4. Go on with the literature!
  5. Share refworks with Judith.

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