Relevant cases in the second analysis for my field description

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Published on: 27/11/2012
  1. * (texts, closed since 2011, but still an interesting case, through Carpentiers article).
  2. * (audio still active, thorugh article Carpentier)
  3. * (NYC)
  4. (found with ‘neighbor stories’, not a good case surprisingly; there are no stories in the sense of memories. It is focussed on how to do good for your neighbors.)
  5. (found with ‘resident stories’; not a good case for my research, because it is more like an information page. There are about 8 stories of inhabitants in th section residents stories.)

Checked this post (Community Archives and Heritage Groups) in order to gather new cases. Many of the cases seem to be projects funded by the Local Heritage Lottery Fund and have been temporary initiatives. Note that I skipped the theme-sites (e.g. the London lesbian/ gay-site and the Italian immigrant site etc., although I acknowledge their importance). London has a broad offer of related websites (not all exemplary cases, but apparently a big city has much to offer). Many of these cases tend towards oral history.

  1. * (archive with interviews done by professionals)
  2. (also an archive with interviews done by professionals at first look. No case at closer look.)
  3. * (living history)
  4. * (not so many stories; more factual)
  5. (East Side of London- interesting case; many audio recordings, but it is only a representation of the East London People’s Archive that you can visit. Not a good case.)
  6. * (also London; big collection of short stories/ accounts)
  7. * (archive, but interesting categories)
  8. * (st Helier London good case)
  9. * (photo website)
  10. (audio files), not a exemplary case because the residents were not involved in the creation process; only as source).
  11. (audio files, not an examplary case because it civers a whole county; not a city (district)).
  12. * (exemplary case)
  13. (youth hanging out then and now, no good case because the website is only giving an impression of the projects that were done)
  14. (pictures and movies; website does not work properly on 2012-01-09)
  15. * (interviews, pictures and heritage walks)
  16. (a photo site with short texts, not a good case for my research because the visitors can only leave comments.)
  17. * (found this one through the links in nr 16 ‘Leodis’. This is run by residents, good case)
  18. * (more heritage, but also some anecdotes)
  19. [stopped here; still have to go through the last four regions of the UK]

Through third parties::

  1. * (through

Through (they are all based on the same cms and also built on the expertise of Jack Latimer):

  1. (double!!!! stories and pictures)
  2. * (idem)
  3. * (idem)
  4. (this is an overall website, i took the sub-websites)
    1. *
    2. *
    3. I left the others, because they are all more or less similar.
  5. * (idem)
  6. * (idem)
  7. * (idem)

Through Ragini:

  1. (more like an informationwebsite)

Through WDL Digital storytelling festival Cardiff

  1. (no case; global, but nice)
  2. (no case; global, but nice)

From an earlier story website in Barcelona:

  1. * (“Welcome to the site of the historical memory of the elderly in Mataró. Through this website we want to spread what we do and to learn firsthand the history of Mataró to recover the memory of the city through various media: recordings, photographs and documents. ” -> problem is that the website is ‘only’ a medium by which the group spreads what they do; it does not have a primary role.)

I was still looking for some German sites, but found it hard (Nachbarschaft, viertel, erinnerungen, speicher. webseite, … also asked one of my collegueas a German native speaker, but it didn’t result in good results. Kept hoping for an examplary case, because I thought onse I have one I must be able to find more. Finally I got one with the search terms: “viertel erinnerungen webseite”. It led me to:

  1. * (texts and pictures, good case)
  2. * (via
  3. * (idem)
  4. * (through life history and life writing research – the projects)
  5. (searching for local life writing neighborhood, no case because no memories, the focus is on experiences)

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