Psychogeographies of Amsterdam East

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Published on: 20/02/2014


Geheugen van Oost (Memory of East) is a website designed for the exhibition Oost Amsterdamse buurt (East Amsterdam Neighboorhood) in the Amsterdam Historical Museum, held from October 10, 2003 till February 29, 2004. It is a project initiated by the Amsterdam Historical Museum, Buurt Online, Xina Text & Support and volunteers. However, due to its popularity among the residents, the website still exists beyond the exhibition. It now functions as a site where everyday memories and stories by local residents are told. It is a website on which city dwellers discover, create, share and enhance their own community narratives. The memory of Amsterdam East contains personal stories and photographs (“ Over de site”). Next to the collection of stories for future generations, the website also has a social goal. Memories of East aims to stimulate social integration and social participation of various groups in this area (“ Partners”). With the information that people uploaded on the website, this research attempts to map psychogeographies of neighborhood memories. In what follows we introduce the theoretical framework, explain the research questions, describe the digital methods, show the analyses – psychogeographies – and discuss them on the background of the mentioned theoretical notions.


This paper was a coproduction with five others during the “Data Sprint” of the Winterschool in Digital Methods hosted by the University of Amsterdam:

  • Otjens, A., Kuyper, A., Khiri, I., Kreek, M. de, Keijser, T. de, & Goilo, J. C. (2014). Psychogeographies of Amsterdam East. In 2014 Digital Methods Winter School – Results Data Sprint Project. Amsterdam: Digital Methods Initiative – University of Amsterdam. Retrieved from

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