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Published on: 21/09/2011

Since I can not make every crosstab on my data (50+ variables) – and it is not very useful – I will have to make smart combinations. Here some leads:

  1. Investments in affordances but low engagement –> index affordances with number of contributions/ comments.
  2. Also check other hypotheses.
  3. I executed a crosstab-all kind of command and went through them to look for peculiar numbers (V-cramer).
  4. What do we do with the fact that the crosstabs are not ‘pure’, For example involved startup participant ‘individual citizen’ crossed with ‘support by donations’ can be accompanied on ‘both sides’ by other participants or supporters.
  5. I do have asymmetric relations in my data; so I should have used Goodman and Kruskal Tau?

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