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Published on: 02/02/2012
  1. The literature study (article/chapter):
    1. Summary discussion 22nd December (overall description article + approach).
    2. Code the theoretical concepts introduced in the 15  articles on concrete cases.
    3. Cluster these concepts (cultural citizenship, community development, new literacies, etc. possibly in middle range and grand theories).
    4. Try to make a distinction between ‘what processes are happening’ (e.g. building community memory) and ‘how to look at its value for society’ (e.g. building a stronger community).
    5. Make an outline V1: 8.000 words for the article using these clusters.
    6. Make an outline for a research report (a longer more chronological, detailed and rough version of the outline).
    7. Make a planning for each cluster of concepts in the outline.
    8. –> appointment Liesbet, discuss progress and results.
    9. Make an appointment for each cluster with Liesbet towards summer.
    10. Write paragraphs for each cluster.
  2. Towards end first article, also a planning:
    1. Add the found new cases to the dataset.
    2. Retest the whole (and parts) with the hierarchical cluster analysis (together with Warnar).
    3. Discuss new results and implications for article and PhD-project with Liesbet.
    4. –> Appointment Liesbet, discuss progress and results.
    5. Decide which journal to submit first attempt.
    6. Make adjustments to article.
    7. Make a planning for the above.

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