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Published on: 27/03/2011

Discussed the points from this post with Liesbet. Here some notes on what we discussed.

  1. The criterion for selecting the literature for the literature part is indeed: research about concrete online neighborhood memories.
  2. (2) The topic there is: what’s the state of the art of research on concrete cases (with the 7 aspects). That is something I can put in my article.
  3. Kill the feeling that the whole article should be captured in one question (from my presentation at the PhD-Lab).
  4. Remarkable is good … new, puzzle etc also (see the feedback of Paul de Beer).
  5. In the literature part I should treat cultural citizenship, social cohesion and city development (and others). In other words: all the conclusions and claims I can find. Not just about cultural citizenship. They are possibly about the same phenomenon, but with different vocabularies/ discourses.
  6. The introduction should contain both the scientific as well as the social relevance.
  7. Made some notes with the ‘bad/ good’  for these aims on my prints.
  8. Unlearning is interesting; see this post.
  9. I should prepare my next presentation with Liesbet, because I have to learn to put less in it.
  10. The ingredients post was stuff for thought: I realize now that I am doing a kind of quantitative analysis on aspects (aspect X = present or not present, because it can be ‘inferred from this or this text’). I could do a qualitative analysis of the texts on certain aspects to show that it is more nuanced than that.
  11. Made heaps of changes on my introduction, although it was a good attempt. I’ll rewrite it elsewhere on this blog.

So to do:

  1. New meeting in three weeks, April 15th.
    1. Concept of literature review.
    2. Work on first results of the analysis (or formulate working hypotheses).
    3. New Outline.
  2. Update every week on Friday; Next Friday, April 1st:
    1. Updated introduction.
    2. First sentences of literature review and outline of the rest of that part.
  3. Put folklore sites in my analysis.
  4. Snowball authors backwards and forwards.
  5. Analyze more cases; experiment with necessity of SPSS.
  6. Started a PhD-lab exercise on three top journals; still have to work on that a bit more.
  7. Then I have to pick up the stuff that I was going to read.
  8. Maybe I should have Wilma (colleague) a look at my coding; she is sharp and critical, and knows the field enough.

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