Meeting with Judith 06-02-2012

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Published on: 08/02/2012

Discussed the following with Judith:

  1. To do in 2012 (voortgangbewaking)
    1. (Below is depending on the decision on whether Judith can fulfill the role of co-promotor)
    2. Next to the appointments with Liesbet, I will also make appointments with Judith to discuss the growing theoretical framework for my dissertation.
    3. With milestones (a full draft) we might decide to meet up with all of us (Joke, Judith and Liesbet).
    4. I will arrange a meeting (April) with new media lecturers from the domain of Social Work to start building a perspective on the relevance of my research for the professional field. Based on that I will decide whether a second meeting in the autumn is useful.
      1. In that meeting the central question will be: “What value do you see in this field for the professions you are educating for”?
      2. To make that possible, I will show what the field of local on-line memories is made of based on my first concept article.
      3. Judith can be the host for that day.
  2. With respect to the first description of the next article/ chapter we discussed the following:
    1. Next to the outline for the article: start a working document, not a research report (that is not the right term).
    2. Also start a diary for miscellaneous notes.
    3. Plan half an hour twice a week for making notes on what social problem, question or task on-line collections of local memories might be an answer. From the top of my head.
  3. With respect to the first article that I reviewed again (here is the old summary):
    1. I should get the core argumentations/ propositions out and that will have references to concepts, theories and models (grounded in either theorizing, empirical findings or intuition).
    2. The article seems to do claims on the level of the image of the neighborhood, the local community and the individual.

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