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Published on: 24/03/2011


  1. Made some notes on the last meeting March 11th.
  2. Did a presentation (the text can be found here) about the plans for my first article for the PhD-Lab with prof Paul de Beer as referent.
  3. Here some notes on that event, based on his feedback.
  4. Here some notes with wild idea’s, hunches, etc. from a discussion in the pub with Nuria and Susanne.
  5. Re-read my summaries for my article, mainly to identify levels of claims about concrete cases. Here four levels on paper (this is not necessarily synchronous with different levels of theory; i have to look into that)
  6. I also put the main texts around the Sharing Stories project in MaxQDA to gather the most important citations, on which I wrote some stuff in the memo’s there.
  7. Went to a meeting of the volunteers of the Memory of East.
  8. Planned a presentation the end of May for the volunteers of the Memory of West (showing interesting cases).
  9. E-mailed some people connected to concrete cases, mainly about the activity question.
  10. Checked and ordered Save as … Digital Memories – Edited by Joanne Garde-Hansen, Andrew Hoskins and Anna Reading, 2009, Palgrave Macmillan.
  11. Idem for Constructing and Sharing Memory: Community Informatics, Identity and Empowerment, Editor: Larry Stillman and Graeme Johanson, 2007, Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
  12. Ordered my blog in book form (hardcopy) containing the posts chronologically up to March 17th. The pdf-version can be found here.
  13. Analyzed another 15 (instead of 30) cases: most important new insights can be found here.
  14. Made a concept introduction for my article.
  15. Worked on an outline for my complete article (including the introduction) with the program Inspiration (outliner/ mind mapper).

To do/ work in progress

  1. Analyze more cases; experiment with necessity of SPSS.
  2. Started a PhD-lab exercise on three top journals; still have to work on that a bit more.
  3. The academic writing starts March 30; I hand in my outline there as well.
  4. Then I have to pick up the stuff that I was going to read.
  5. Work on my literature part for the article.
  6. Work on my outline.
  7. Maybe I should have Wilma (colleague) a look at my coding; she is sharp and critical, and knows the field enough.
  8. I have the feeling that I am hurrying a bit too much, the production is good, but I need more time to reflect.

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