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Published on: 09/02/2011

http://www.therememberingsite.org (through Tom Scheinfeldt (see first mention in this post), US, experiences, life memories, biographies: dedicate it to someone, not connected to neighborhoods). Tom also said “However, I suspect that most of this activity has moved to social media venues such as Facebook and Twitter.” Which is interesting, because I’m not sure how that works in the Netherlands.

http://www.buurtverhalen.be (Belgium, I looked for ‘buurtverhalen’ (neigborhood stories) and found this site. Good match.

http://www.oranjeboompleinbuurt.nl (NL, same search as above, good match).

http://www.buurtmuseumkamperpoort.nl/ (NL, same search as above, more towards history of a neighborhood, including a guestbook).

http://www.welkomincrooswijk.nl/ (NL, same search as above, not many stories, focused on new neighbors, interview with Jan Willem Duijvendak about ‘feeling at home’).

http://www.ede-west.nl/node/50 (NL, neighborhood stories embedded in a congregation website, same search as above).

http://www.flevolandsgeheugen.nl/ (NL, through Suzanne Neugebauer, the memory of one of our counties).

I am gonna stop here (first page of results) for now because I prefer results from abroad.


http://www.verhalenbankbrugge.be (Belgium, tip from Atie Engel, audio stories about Brugge).

http://altresbarcelones.blogspot.com (Spain, more like a one-person blog, but it contains stories about the city, thorugh Nuria with “Construint memoria Anécdotas als barris”.

http://www.barriada.com.ar (Argentina, found with “Anécdotas de los barrios”, based on the search above, looks like a combination of a congregation / municipal site with memories of residents about the different neighborhoods or districts).

http://www.mdp.com.ar/foros/viewforum.php?f=17 (Argentina, a forum where people share lots of thins about there city Mar de Plata, also stories, found with the above search).

http://cultura.muniguate.com (some stories hidden on a municpal site of a Guatamala city, same search as above).

https://luganonuestro.wikispaces.com/An%C3%A9cdotas (a few stories by school kids about their neighborhood Villa Lugano, Beunos Aires, found through “anecdotas del barrio en internet”).

I should try the last combination a bit more, but I will ask Damian first who is a PhD-student in Spain.

I have to say that it feels like that the websites I am looking for are so local that it is hard to find them. In Dutch we have a fairly common word ‘buurtverhalen’ (neighborhood stories), which is likely to be mentioned in a website connected to a certain neighborhood or district. And we also have the ‘geheugen van’ (the memory of) websites. On the other hand we also have a case like ‘oranjeboombuurtplein’ which is a certain square in the city of Breda. It has the word buurtverhalen in its url and also a few times in the stories themselves. This makes it ‘findable’, but if the participants would not use this jargon, it would be impossible to find it.

The question I have to ask myself is “how would the local people call their neighborhood stories – if at all”. This would be a kind of emic approach, e.g. ‘buurtverhaal’ or ‘een verhaal over de buurt’ (singular: a story about the neighborhood) in Dutch.

Another approach would be a more etic one: trying to guess how a collection of stories about the neighborhood would be called. In Dutch we have ‘geheugen van X’ and ‘buurtverhalen’ (plural), but also ‘verhalenbank’ (archive for stories),  ‘stadsverhalen’ (city stories) and verhalenarchief (story archive).

A third way would be to find out how a collection of these neighborhood websites might be called. A researcher might have a term for that. In Amsterdam we might have something coming that will be called ‘geheugen van amsterdam’ which will connect the different neighborhood/ district story websites. I will have to think a bit more on this.

http://ka.stadtwiki.net/Hauptseite (The Karlsruhe stadtwiki with a forum, but more an information wiki, no stories, through Suzanne Neugebauer – Mario Glauert paper).

http://www.hamburgwiki.de/wiki/Hauptseite (Another stadtwiki, also called “ein Lexikon der besonderen Art: eine freie Wissensdatenbank für Hamburg”, no stories, through Suzanne Neugebauer – Mario Glauert). The Wiki thing seems to be big in Germany. Berlin has one too: http://berlin.wikia.com/wiki/Hauptseite, but they don’t contain stories as far as I can see (Stuttgart). Might be the affordances of the tool: it is not made to put stories on, but to collaborate on and spread information.

http://www.von-zeit-zu-zeit.de (Stuttgarter Zeitung, co-creation of history, no neighborhood stories, through Mario Glauert paper).

http://www.deinegeschichte.de/home/ (idem as above, and focused more on history of Germany ‘vereinigung’).

http://www.achteruitkijkspiegel.nl/ (NL, Enschede, life memorie stories, good match, through Jan Swagerman).

http://www.storyartsgroup.org/odyssey/Odyssey/Odyssey.html (digital stories, Tucson US, through Kathy Hansens blog, LinkedIn).

http://www.nypap.org/content/oral-histories (“The Archive Project conducts an oral history program dedicated to documenting the experiences of New York City preservationists. By collecting eye-witness accounts of moments in preservation history, NYPAP aims to create a verifiable record of the movement and ensure that the work of these preservationists is not forgotten. Whenever possible, transcripts of the resulting interviews are made available on this website. Both one-on-one interviews and public programs have been employed.” No everyday life stories, through Hamutal Gouri, LinkedIn).

If I take a quick look at the above some sites are more towards information (the ‘stadtwikis’) in collaboration with citizens and others focus on archiving histories (oral personal or documents). Both are not what I am looking for and it is interesting to note (again) that exemplary cases are hard to find (up to now). But I still have to check Kathy Hansens Blog with “community storytelling”)

http://www.jacksdale.org.uk/ (through Emily Keightley -> Liesbet, ‘This site is dedicated to the Heritage & History of the villages of JACKSDALE  & WESTWOOD,
Nottinghamshire. UK and to our local community groups’, no daily life stories, but a lot of pictures, more focused on history/ material heritage?).

http://www.selstonia.org.uk/ (as above; I think simliar). I have to check Patsy Cullen (“short bio here http://www.mla.gov.uk/about/who/board) is mentoring one of the local groups. (…) the best place to look is literature on museums use of new media and ‘virtual museums'”).

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  2. liesbet says:

    didn’t I send you the information from Emily Keightley? Not in this list yet?

  3. krekim says:

    Oeps … DID look at them (in between some other things), and then didn’t put them on the list. The paper Emily send was about Sharing Stories-Brisbane, by the way. Thanx.

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