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Published on: 04/03/2012

Below the things I have done the last three weeks:

  1. Wrote a summary of the last meeting with Judith with ‘to do’s’. Most of them are touched upon below.
  2. Meeting new media teachers:
    1. Meeting of new media teachers: made a short text that can introduce the meeting, also made a list of invitees.
  3. Wrt first article:
    1. Had a look with Warnar at the hierarchical clustering method in SPSS for my first article. Executed some tests, but have to look further whether this is worthwile.
    2. I still have to make a plan about the changes in the approach and scope that I have to make to the first article.
  4. With respect to theoretical framework (second article / chapter):
    1. Continued my working document getting the core argumentations out of the list of articles (not to be discussed completely! Parts of it are referred to below).
    2. Enlarged the list of relevant articles by these steps.
    3. The text belonging to the remarks below can be found here in this post:
      1. Came to some idea’s of the levels of claims on which reference is made to concepts and theories, grounded in either theorizing, empirical findings or intuition.
      2. Came to a first feeling – based on the close reading summaries – of where the niche is in the existing literature.
      3. Came to a possible model to analyze the literature with systematically, which is further discussed here in this post (point 7).
    4. Made a second version of the outline for the second article. Here is the first and old description of the next article/ chapter.
  5. With respect to the notes about what social problem, question or task on-line collections of local memories might be an answer for, I made these posts for this work in progress.
  6. Haven’t started a diary yet more then the reflections that can be found in this category. But they are not private.
  7. Had a quick look at social media analytics. Registered at the IBM conference but didn’t get a confirmation. Have to look at the powerpoint I received.

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