Hierarchical cluster analysis

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Published on: 19/02/2012

Went through the hierarchical cluster analysis again with Warnar of the existing data matrix. What we did was the following:

  1. Select e.g. the all ‘aims’.
  2. Tick the dendogram-option.
  3. Let the procedure do its work.
  4. The result should be a horizontal dendogram with the number of the cases to the left.
  5. Below distance 10 it is worth to interpret and discuss the clustering.
  6. If I make a dendogram of each dimension I could compare them.
  7. Another way  would be to recode the cases with the clusters they form (at a certain distance) and perform another hierarchical cluster analysis across all the dimensions.
  8. The goal of hierarchical cluster analysis is to arrive or generate at hypotheses that can be tested against new data.
  9. On hypothesis could be that the cases are varying so much across the dimensions that no patterns are found within the dataset.
    1. I quickly tested that with one strong cluster w.r.t. to the ‘aim’ (cluster of cases 45, 53, 19, 41, 44) .
    2. In the clusters of ‘involved participating parties’ these cases were all divided over the different clusters below distance 10.
    3. I have to compare this to the results with comparisons I made between these two dimensions based on the two step clustering (e.g. tabel 5).
  10. I tried to cluster the two dimensions over the raw data but that is not informative anymore, that is:
    1. The result becomes messy:  most clusters are formed above distance 10.
    2. Some small weak clusters form, but it is hard to say -based on the data matrix – what causes it.
  11. So it is better to recode the cases for the clusters they are in wrt 1 dimension and then run the test again on more dimensions. Than I get close to what I did with the two step clustering.

What I have to do is:

  1. To-read the comments again on my concept article and then decide on these tests again.
  2. To re-read my article and find weak spots and hunches.
  3. Run the tests as mentioned above, also try the other output formats (new variables, other formats of output).
  4. Make a little report on that for discussion with Liesbet.

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