Even when the world around you falls apart

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Published on: 01/02/2011

Lots of stuff around me, right now, is not giving me the right preconditions to sit down and disappear in a research kind of mode or mood. The neighbors are drilling holes in the wall, it is a hassle to finish my project financially, there is people I have to help out, …. nag, nag, nag….

But I made a list of things I can do today. It looks realistic. So what’s keeping me? It is a matter of priority they say, don’t they? Don’t know about that; it feels more like a choice to me: what do I really want to do?


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  1. This could also be a reflexivity from a practitioner turning into researcher – is a part of your development Schön 1984…

  2. Hulst van, M. (2008), Town Hall Tales, Culture as Storytelling in Local Government, Eburon Delft NL

  3. Als besproken vanochtend:

    Weick (1995, p.182) describes Walk the Talk for managers: Walking is the means to find things worth talking about. People discover what they think by looking at what they say, how they feel and where they walk.

    …It is the search for words that make sense of current walking that is adaptive for reasons that are not yet clear. (Weick, 1995, p. 183)

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