Done week 19-26 Februari

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Published on: 27/02/2011
  1. Worked on building a first coding tree in MaxQDA with the first 8 cases. I would call it a ‘open coding’-phase where I find out what dimension can be found with respect to each of the 7 questions.
  2. Scanned the literature of Olick, Ferri and the dissertation of Burgess for insights about the question ‘what type of stories can be found in the case?’. I found labels on a generic level, but I (later) need more categories for tackling the content of the stories. I think the generic level is sufficient for the field analysis.
  3. Olick et al. (1998) tries to organize the relatively disorganization of social memory studies. It gives an overview of the field.
  4. Read the preface and introduction of Constructing and Sharing Memory – Community Informatics, Identity and Empowerment, editors: Larry Stillman and Graeme Johnson. Some notes here.
  5. Compared the research question of Burgess’ dissertation with my preliminary questions here.
  6. Cleaned up the loose literature, put it in ‘ordners’ and indexed it.

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