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Published on: 26/05/2011
  1. PhD-Lab on ethics April 27th, notes here.
  2. Second PhD-lab May 11th on academic writing, notes here.
  3. Talked on May 11-th with Martha Meerman (organizer PhD-Lab), here the input and here the notes about what we agreed upon.
  4. Went to a seminar in the UK. Notes can be found here.
  5. Met David Snowden’s “abductive narrative research” (or “pre-hypothetical narrative research”).
  6. Wrote a post with some questions about cases studies for the PhD-Lab meeting with Willem van Winden.
    1. Wrote a post with answers based on the PhD-lab with Willem.
  7. With respect to article 1:
    1. An older abstract can be found here. (still a bit directed towards article 2).
    2. The description of my article can be found here (aims and questions, etc).
    3. The revised introduction (version 3) can be found here.
    4. Here is the new outline for article 1. All the sentences there function as prompts that deliver between 1 and max 4 sentences.
    5. Am working on the framework for the organizational/ conditional side of the local memory website initiatives. It is clear now that the aspects that we defined are matching on the stuff that is mentioned in the articles about the cases that are already studied. The literature part is taking form in MaxQDA, where I uploaded all the articles and analyze them.
  8. Here is the planning of article 1.
  9. I have not finished the literature review for article 2.
  10. Talked to Ben Eggink – almost finished master at the UvA and working for our center. We – and our manager – agreed on putting him on describing the cases for about six weeks 2 days a week. Very happy with that; we worked together before with great pleasure. Then we will look whether we can work together a bit more after the summer. He also got hours available then until 1st of October. Maybe writing together?

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  1. […] . Might be interesting for analyzing the data from the 70 cases. Print PDF Done last 3 weeks by Mike de Kreek PhD-Lab on ethics April 27th, notes here. Second PhD-lab May 11th on academic […]

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