Definition of a story

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Published on: 14/07/2011

A story is a sequence of events (places, humans, things, interactions) with an experience connected to each of them and a storyline connecting all of them offering a logical flow. The experience connected to a event can be induced in the ‘reader’s’ imagination by visuals (picture, video).

I know there is a defintion like this in Suzannes book: she uses Denning among others: “Een verhaal is een weergave van gebeurtenissen die op een of  andere manier met elkaar  in verband worden gebracht.” That looks a lot like I described above.

Within a collection of stories overlap can manifest itself on the experience level or on the event level. This results for example in keywords like Dapperstraat (streets), fear (emotions), koninginnedag, WW II (event), Oosterpark (places), etc.

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