Constructing and sharing memory – Stillman and Johanson

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Published on: 27/02/2011

Constructing and Sharing Memory: Community Informatics, Identity and Empowerment
Editor: Larry Stillman and Graeme Johanson
Date Of Publication: Sep 2007

Some notes from the introduction (scroll down there):

  1. At first glance it looks like the it is written from the perspective of institutions: libraries, archives and museums.
  2. But it (intro) is ‘self-critical’: e.g. curated objects become ‘museum objects’  which are not the same anymore as they were, when being made or used; some aspects are over emphasized and others missed. (p. xvi)
  3. The curators are controlling the kaleidoscopes creating a dialectic between knowledge systems. (p. xvii)
  4. The curators work is inherently mis-portraying and the only defence is humility. (p. xvii)
  5. ‘(…) humor with an edge, is often a way of building community’ (p. xix)
  6. Definition of civil society: ‘(…) uncoerced collective action around shared interests, purposes and values.’ (p. xx)
  7. ‘Participation creates memories, individual and collective, and is shaped by memory, manifesting public and private textures of experience and reference, the textures which are refracted through memory institutions.’ (p. xxi)
  8. This last quote misses something, I believe. Without going too much into what refract might mean exactly here, I would say that there are also other platforms which refract these textures.
  9. In the book itself, there are examples of that, I think.
  10. One of the papers in the book is Amsterdam Communities’ memories (Jan Vos and Eric Ketelaar), a project started by the Amsterdam City Archive called New Amsterdam History.
  11. I have to check the other papers on

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