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Published on: 27/01/2011

Checking the tools of the Statistical Cybermetrics research group mentioned in this post, I found out for sure that Mozdeh takes the RSS-feeds of blogs as input. That implies that you already know the sites, and that is what I do not; I am looking for ways to find neighborhood story sites. I might be able to use the LexiURL Searcher for an estimation worldwide on websites containing certain keywords or phrases (see case 1 in their manual from the LexiURL search site). That might not really be better then using Google (maybe certain combinations in different languages and the Boolean OR?). I am pretty sure I can do interesting things with it WITHIN a story website. Same for Sociobot. Of course Sentistrength is very interesting to look at stories and their comments, but there might be a language challenge there.

Summarizing: to find more cases of neighborhood story websites/ communities, I do not see an application for the Cybermetrics tools. The only thing that might be worthwhile is some kind of estimation of how many sites like this there are worldwide. I think LexiURL search could do that with sets of keywords in the most typical languages. But I could do that with Google too; I will do some attempts below that way. One thing is sure, I will have to look at the tools again when I am analyzing the stories in my two cases.

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  1. […] I have checked out Mike Thelwall's searching / analyzing tools. […]

  2. […] Had a talk with Willem Velthoven and Noor at Mediatic (the developper of the Anymeta on which many memory-sites here in NL run) about my research. There will be a how-to-storytelling/memory site-exhibition for there the end of April, including workshops. Might play a role there. More important: I talked with Willem about designing a dedicated Memory site search engine which has a certain level of knowledge about the stories. This remembered me of the Cybermetrics tools that I described here. […]

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