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Published on: 30/05/2011

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Done last 3 weeks

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Published on: 26/05/2011
  1. PhD-Lab on ethics April 27th, notes here.
  2. Second PhD-lab May 11th on academic writing, notes here.
  3. Talked on May 11-th with Martha Meerman (organizer PhD-Lab), here the input and here the notes about what we agreed upon.
  4. Went to a seminar in the UK. Notes can be found here.
  5. Met David Snowden’s “abductive narrative research” (or “pre-hypothetical narrative research”).
  6. Wrote a post with some questions about cases studies for the PhD-Lab meeting with Willem van Winden.
    1. Wrote a post with answers based on the PhD-lab with Willem.
  7. With respect to article 1:
    1. An older abstract can be found here. (still a bit directed towards article 2).
    2. The description of my article can be found here (aims and questions, etc).
    3. The revised introduction (version 3) can be found here.
    4. Here is the new outline for article 1. All the sentences there function as prompts that deliver between 1 and max 4 sentences.
    5. Am working on the framework for the organizational/ conditional side of the local memory website initiatives. It is clear now that the aspects that we defined are matching on the stuff that is mentioned in the articles about the cases that are already studied. The literature part is taking form in MaxQDA, where I uploaded all the articles and analyze them.
  8. Here is the planning of article 1.
  9. I have not finished the literature review for article 2.
  10. Talked to Ben Eggink – almost finished master at the UvA and working for our center. We – and our manager – agreed on putting him on describing the cases for about six weeks 2 days a week. Very happy with that; we worked together before with great pleasure. Then we will look whether we can work together a bit more after the summer. He also got hours available then until 1st of October. Maybe writing together?

Update March 25th- April 2nd

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Published on: 02/04/2011

Here the things that I have done last week:

  1. Had a talk with Willem Velthoven and Noor at Mediatic (the developper of the Anymeta on which many memory-sites here in NL run) about my research. There will be a how-to-storytelling/memory site-exhibition there, the end of April, including workshops. Might play a role there. More important: I talked with Willem about designing a dedicated Memory site search engine which has a certain level of knowledge about the stories. This remembered me of the Cybermetrics tools that I described here. It relates to my text mining plans, later in my research.
  2. In the PhD-Lab we had our first meeting with Tom Johnston, here some notes on that meeting.
  3. I worked on improving the use of Inspiration for outlining. I think I succeeded, see my experiences here.
  4. I rewrote my introduction following the advice/feedback of Murray, Tom and Liesbet by applying Inspiration.
  5. I went through my core articles and summaries again to find the main themes (concepts?). I ended up with: cultural citizenship, community development and new literacies (see introduction), but it is hard to keep them apart (which we already predicted). I believe that the concrete claims (a level less abstract than these themes) about the cases are not easily categorized in these three. In other words: I might have to find another way to organize the claims in my literature part, like I did in my earlier introduction version 1 in section D:
    1. “Aspects of (…) are claimed to develop or emerge on an individual level, among the group of participants, within the local collective and on the level of the society as a whole.”
  6. Put the output of the last meeting with Liesbet in this post.
  7. I did not yet make the first sentences and the outline of the literature part of my article. I’m planning to have that on Monday.
  8. A question: should I put the article-posts behind a login, Liesbet?

Output meeting March 25

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Published on: 27/03/2011

Discussed the points from this post with Liesbet. Here some notes on what we discussed.

  1. The criterion for selecting the literature for the literature part is indeed: research about concrete online neighborhood memories.
  2. (2) The topic there is: what’s the state of the art of research on concrete cases (with the 7 aspects). That is something I can put in my article.
  3. Kill the feeling that the whole article should be captured in one question (from my presentation at the PhD-Lab).
  4. Remarkable is good … new, puzzle etc also (see the feedback of Paul de Beer).
  5. In the literature part I should treat cultural citizenship, social cohesion and city development (and others). In other words: all the conclusions and claims I can find. Not just about cultural citizenship. They are possibly about the same phenomenon, but with different vocabularies/ discourses.
  6. The introduction should contain both the scientific as well as the social relevance.
  7. Made some notes with the ‘bad/ good’  for these aims on my prints.
  8. Unlearning is interesting; see this post.
  9. I should prepare my next presentation with Liesbet, because I have to learn to put less in it.
  10. The ingredients post was stuff for thought: I realize now that I am doing a kind of quantitative analysis on aspects (aspect X = present or not present, because it can be ‘inferred from this or this text’). I could do a qualitative analysis of the texts on certain aspects to show that it is more nuanced than that.
  11. Made heaps of changes on my introduction, although it was a good attempt. I’ll rewrite it elsewhere on this blog.

So to do:

  1. New meeting in three weeks, April 15th.
    1. Concept of literature review.
    2. Work on first results of the analysis (or formulate working hypotheses).
    3. New Outline.
  2. Update every week on Friday; Next Friday, April 1st:
    1. Updated introduction.
    2. First sentences of literature review and outline of the rest of that part.
  3. Put folklore sites in my analysis.
  4. Snowball authors backwards and forwards.
  5. Analyze more cases; experiment with necessity of SPSS.
  6. Started a PhD-lab exercise on three top journals; still have to work on that a bit more.
  7. Then I have to pick up the stuff that I was going to read.
  8. Maybe I should have Wilma (colleague) a look at my coding; she is sharp and critical, and knows the field enough.

Meeting March 25

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Published on: 24/03/2011


  1. Made some notes on the last meeting March 11th.
  2. Did a presentation (the text can be found here) about the plans for my first article for the PhD-Lab with prof Paul de Beer as referent.
  3. Here some notes on that event, based on his feedback.
  4. Here some notes with wild idea’s, hunches, etc. from a discussion in the pub with Nuria and Susanne.
  5. Re-read my summaries for my article, mainly to identify levels of claims about concrete cases. Here four levels on paper (this is not necessarily synchronous with different levels of theory; i have to look into that)
  6. I also put the main texts around the Sharing Stories project in MaxQDA to gather the most important citations, on which I wrote some stuff in the memo’s there.
  7. Went to a meeting of the volunteers of the Memory of East.
  8. Planned a presentation the end of May for the volunteers of the Memory of West (showing interesting cases).
  9. E-mailed some people connected to concrete cases, mainly about the activity question.
  10. Checked and ordered Save as … Digital Memories – Edited by Joanne Garde-Hansen, Andrew Hoskins and Anna Reading, 2009, Palgrave Macmillan.
  11. Idem for Constructing and Sharing Memory: Community Informatics, Identity and Empowerment, Editor: Larry Stillman and Graeme Johanson, 2007, Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
  12. Ordered my blog in book form (hardcopy) containing the posts chronologically up to March 17th. The pdf-version can be found here.
  13. Analyzed another 15 (instead of 30) cases: most important new insights can be found here.
  14. Made a concept introduction for my article.
  15. Worked on an outline for my complete article (including the introduction) with the program Inspiration (outliner/ mind mapper).

To do/ work in progress

  1. Analyze more cases; experiment with necessity of SPSS.
  2. Started a PhD-lab exercise on three top journals; still have to work on that a bit more.
  3. The academic writing starts March 30; I hand in my outline there as well.
  4. Then I have to pick up the stuff that I was going to read.
  5. Work on my literature part for the article.
  6. Work on my outline.
  7. Maybe I should have Wilma (colleague) a look at my coding; she is sharp and critical, and knows the field enough.
  8. I have the feeling that I am hurrying a bit too much, the production is good, but I need more time to reflect.

Meeting March 11

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Published on: 10/03/2011

Done (since February 11)

  1. Worked more on the analysis, also getting to know MaxQDA 2010.  About 20 cases open/axial coding.
  2. See this post for a summary of many pages of my memo’s.
  3. See this post for a doc-file with my code system.
  4. Did a presentation for colleagues and had some good insights.
  5. Made some notes on Bryman chapter 3 Reviewing the literature.
  6. Made some notes on Bryman chapter 2 Research designs.
  7. Had a look at Burgess research question for her dissertation and compared it to mine.
  8. Had a look at the introduction of the book Sharing and Constructing Memory.
  9. Here my earlier done-post 11-19 Februari.
  10. Here my earlier done-post 29-26 Februari.
  11. Found some new insightful (not) cases.

To do

  1. Started a PhD-lab exercise on three top journals; have to finish it for the 16th.
  2. I’ll do a presentation at the PhD-Lab of my field analysis on the 16-th
  3. Still working on gathering the theoretical perspectives for my article; I have to re-read my summaries, because I have the urge te reorganize my own findings also on that level (like is happening on the level of the data and the coding). A friend of mine called that my ‘hermeneutic process’, my growing understanding of all the stuff that I am producing, which makes it necessary to go back to reprocess older understandings.
  4. I am starting to forget things (the analysis gives another flow).
  5. Then I have to pick up the stuff that I was going to read; the next two weeks I will have four days each week to go for it.
  6. Maybe I should have Wilma (colleague) a look at my coding; she is sharp and critical.

Done week 19-26 Februari

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Published on: 27/02/2011
  1. Worked on building a first coding tree in MaxQDA with the first 8 cases. I would call it a ‘open coding’-phase where I find out what dimension can be found with respect to each of the 7 questions.
  2. Scanned the literature of Olick, Ferri and the dissertation of Burgess for insights about the question ‘what type of stories can be found in the case?’. I found labels on a generic level, but I (later) need more categories for tackling the content of the stories. I think the generic level is sufficient for the field analysis.
  3. Olick et al. (1998) tries to organize the relatively disorganization of social memory studies. It gives an overview of the field.
  4. Read the preface and introduction of Constructing and Sharing Memory – Community Informatics, Identity and Empowerment, editors: Larry Stillman and Graeme Johnson. Some notes here.
  5. Compared the research question of Burgess’ dissertation with my preliminary questions here.
  6. Cleaned up the loose literature, put it in ‘ordners’ and indexed it.

Done week 11-19 Feb

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Published on: 21/02/2011
  1. Made notes on the meeting of 11 Februari.
  2. Found another theme for my blog last Monday and put a more advanced search on it.
  3. Read and summarized chapter 2 from the book Academic Writing.
  4. Went to the PhD-Lab where we discussed chapter 3 of Bryman. Some scribbling here.
  5. Put more cases online (cases 4 and cases 5 and cases 6).
  6. Became a member of and posted my  quest for cases there.
  7. Worked out some cases to practice before I put them into MaxQDA.
  8. Practiced with sandwich-writing with Nuria (1o min writing/ 10 minutes discussing/ etc). Here the ‘end product’: an abstract of the first article.
  9. Worked on the summary of Burgess 2006.

Meeting 11 februari

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Published on: 09/02/2011


  1. Summarized Ch. 1 Bryman Social Research Strategies (3 levels of theories a.o.).
  2. Summarized Ch. 4 Writing for academic journalsFinding a topic and developing an argument.
  3. Added notes to the article assignment from the PhD-Lab (about hiding the questions).
  4. I’ve read Jill Walker Rettberg’s review of Digital Storytelling, Mediatized Stories: Self-Representations in New Media – Knut Lundby (red.). Here are a few notes.
  5. Started the summary of Jean Burgess, Hearing ordinary voices: cultural studies, vernacular creativity and digital stortelling, Journal of Media & Culture Studies, vol. 20, No. 2, 2006.
  6. Checked all the incoming tips and my old inbox for cases; see this post.
  7. Put out a request on LinkedIn group storytelling (400+ members), for the results: see the same post as above (2 comments).
  8. Checked the German (Suzanne Neugebauer) paper on Archive 2.0 about the interaction between archives and its users (zero cases ‘too much’ archiving and – new term – preservationists). Put some of these sites also in the same post for comparison.
  9. Found  Council of Europe Framework Convention on the Value of Cultural Heritage for Society (not yet ratified by the Netherlands, but it will enter ‘into force the first of June 2011’). Is this interesting some how to my research (justification).

To do/ work in progress:

  1. Make a top three journals (instead of 1), also an assignment for the PhD-Lab.
  2. Make a mind-map (three levels of Bryman?) of the theoretical perspectives / concepts that I have met.
  3. Make a data matrix (5 aspects – cases – country – date visited); maybe think of a database.
  4. Formulate a research question for the field analysis.
  5. Become a member of (Ducth and Vlemish archive 2.0) and ask the community whether they know any cases.
  6. Check out Kathy Hansens blog (through LinkedIn) for cases.
  7. Going to Oxford 23-25 of March: European Conference on Social Work Research. Should I try to meet someone there or nearby?
  8. Same question for– Seminar at the University of Bath – 16th of May, with the theme Researching personal and life stories. I will meet Alexandra Georgakopoulou, King’s College London about Small stories research as a slice of life-stories approach.
  9. Check Jan Willems www-tips, Ger’s 60.000 books, write little piece about my PhD-research for Raginiand check Atie’s suggestion ‘Implementatiewijzer Sociaal Verhaal’.
  10. Check the Council of Europe website on cultural heritage.
  11. Make field notes on the volunteer-meeting of the Memory of East (make private on storyhood).
  12. Scan the interesting chapters (4)  of Save as … Digital Memories – Edited by Joanne Garde-Hansen, Andrew Hoskins and Anna Reading, 2009, Palgrave Macmillan.
  13. Summarize Burgess 2007, Olick 1998, from earlier todo’s.
  14. Reading Jose’s book.
  15. Check book Liesbet suggested: Reading the Past against the Grain: The Shape of Memory Studies. B Zelizer – Critical Studies in Mass Communication, 1995 –

Things done … preperation for meeting 28-01-2011

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Published on: 27/01/2011
  1. I have described a concept outline for the field description article.
  2. I have worked out a concept of the research-approach of the field description article.
  3. I have checked out Urban Studies (procedure, character of articles) and two articles.
  4. I have summarized Everyday Creativity as Civic Engagement: A Cultural Citizenship View of New Media (Burges et al., 2006).
  5. I have started searching see the first results here and work in German cases in progress.
  6. Made the first assignment for the PhD-Lab: a 150 word description of the article.
  7. I have checked out Mike Thelwall’s searching / analyzing tools.
  8. I have followed up on (Archibald, 2002, in Social Memory and History) from this to do list.  On of the leads about overlapping memory being ‘good’ and contrasting memory being ‘bad’. The text is alike a narrative itself, beautifully written. It offers claims which are justified mostly by personal experiences of the author. I could have a look at articles citing this one to find out who builds further on these claims.
  9. I have watched a lecture of Diana Taylor and made some notes.

Work in progress:

  1. Summarize Burgess 2006 and 2007, Olick 1998, from earlier todo’s.
  2. Reading Jose’s book.
  3. Look at the first chapter of Save as … Digital Memories – Edited by Joanne Garde-Hansen, Andrew Hoskins and Anna Reading, 2009, Palgrave Macmillan.
  4. Read Jill Walker Rettberg’s review of Digital Storytelling, Mediatized Stories: Self-Representations in New Media – Knut Lundby (red.) – Publisher: Peter Lang Publishing, New York, 2008.
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