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Welcome dear visitor,

I am Mike de Kreek setting up a PhD-research about neighborhood story websites. Neighborhood stories or anecdotes are not new, but what is new is the digital side of it. This might influence how residents share their stories, what it does to their personal development and how this relates to the collective.

Some key words in my research are: collective memory, vernacular creativity, social memory, life writing, cultural memory and cultural citizenship. Here is my approved research proposal (in Dutch) from may 2010, slightly outdated but my departure point nevertheless.

Next to my research, I am working as a lecturer at the Amsterdam School of Social Work. I teach qualitative research designs in the Master Social Work.

My supervisors are Prof. dr. Liesbet van Zoonen (promotor, Erasmus University Rotterdam and University of Loughborough)) and Joke Hermes (co-promotor, InHolland University of Applied Research and her research group).

You can contact me at:

Mail: m.de.kreek[at]hva.nl

Twitter: krekim

Skype: krekimie

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  1. Liesbet says:


    mooie blog over jouw onderwerp, met aardige links

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