Attention: this is a ‘sleeping’ website!!!!!!!

This website starts to contain all kinds of material about “local memory websites”.

Local memory websites offer – often initiated by – local residents a platform on which to collect and share their memories about particular places or experiences in their neighborhoods and districts. The digital memories consist of audio recordings, videos, pictures or text. Two examples are: My Brighton and Hove in the UK and het Geheugen van Oost (Memory of East) in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The “kinds of material” can be divided into:

  1. More cases from the Netherlands and the UK, but also from other countries.
  2. In addition there will be a collection references to publications both from practitioners and researchers working in this field. (work in progress)
  3. And finally, insights will be offered into ongoing research in my writings.

An introduction into this ongoing research, but also into the benefits attributed to interventions with local memory websites, can be found via the article mentioned in this post.

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